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What is Puhsh?

Puhsh is a fast and fun way to buy and sell stuff locally. It’s a revolutionary solution to the overly complicated world of Online Garage Sales, Facebook Swapping Groups, and anonymous Craigslist Ads.

What is Puhsh?

Buy & Sell to Mutual Friends

The Puhsh community is not an anonymous hodgepodge. Only verified Facebook users get in the door ensuring that our ecosystem is made of only real people posting real stuff for sale.

What is Puhsh?

Follow Cities and/or People

Follow specific City’s feeds so you only see the stuff in the areas you live. Additionally, Puhsh allows you to follow individual users which allows you to see all the items a person is selling and be notified when they posts future items for sale.

What is Puhsh?

Easily Search & Filter

Quickly search thousands of local posts and see if someone is selling that particular item you are searching for. Turn on or off whole categories of things that interest you.

What is Puhsh?

Manage Your Posts

Easily view the list of items you are selling, review and approve offers you are receiving, and read messages from users. You can also view a list of items you have made offers on.

What is Puhsh?

Get Notified

When buying or selling any item, the Puhsh App will notify you instantly if an offer or message was received. You will no longer have to scroll back in a Facebook group to see if anyone accepted your offer.

What is Puhsh?

Earn Points & Get Rewards

Earn points and get rewards for participating in the community. This helps our users identify trustworthy buyers and sellers, allows us to unlock secret functionality, and deliver exclusive partner rewards.

What is Puhsh?

Use Instant Payments

Puhsh will always let users transact using cash but we also have a very easy to use payment system so you can skip the ATM, with a process to ensure that both parties are as protected as possible. A built in feedback mechanism publicly displays transition feedback so you know if a buyer or seller is trustworthy.

Puhsh is changing the way local person-to-person transaction take place.
We hope you enjoy the Puhsh platform and your local online community. And we are always very happy to hear from our “Puhshers” about how we can improve to make things work better!

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